Ashlee Juno is a guitarist who accompanied Fifth Harmony on tour and is one of Camila Cabello's best friends.

Trivia Edit

  • Camila and Ashlee first met when Ashlee offered to be the guitarist for the 7/27 tour.
  • Ashlee thanks Camila for helping her with her dreams.
  • Once they both wore curly wigs as disguises.
  • They say they're both "good buddies".
  • Despite the age difference Camila and Ashlee still get along very well.
  • They watched the performers at the Kiss JingleBall together.
  • They went to Paris together.
  • They spent Camila's 20th birthday together.
  • Ashlee accompanied Camila in the 24K Magic World Tour by Bruno Mars.

Gallery Edit

Camila-Cabello-Wiki-Gallery-MainPicture "Half of my heart is in Havana."
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