The Camila Cabello Wiki has a strict image policy in place to ensure that all pictures are appropriately labeled and can be found. 


  1. Pictures are to be submitted to the correct gallery.
  2. Pictures should have a proper name and describe what the picture is about (unless there is no option when adding).
  3. Pictures should have a proper description if needed.
  4. Pictures should have a source if needed.
  5. Pictures are not to be added twice.
  6. You are permitted to check if the picture already exists.
  7. To not have read these policies is not an excuse.

Gallery boxes

  1. When creating a gallery, make sure to add the {{GalleryBox}} template at the top of the page.
  2. On the page of the subject of a gallery, include the {{Gallery}} template at the bottom of the page underneath a heading titled "Gallery".

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