Gonna Get Better is a song by Fifth Harmony included in their second studio album, 7/27, which debuted on May 27, 2016. Ally Brooke wrote what this song meant to her: "When I first heard ‘Gonna Get Better’, there was this insane magical connection. I thought it was beautiful. I did not write it, but it felt like I did. I was going through something that day, and this song perfectly fit my emotion. So, I went to the booth, laid down these words from my heart and sang from my soul. You can say it has a special meaning for me. I'll never forget it. -Ally"

Camila's Solos Edit

I don't know why you always think that I Always think I'm unsatisfied That I'm tempted by kings with the finest of things But you know that ain't got no truth I don't know why you always think that I'm Unhappy with our paradise That I'm wanting the trees that are growing the green But you know all that I want is you

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