"Llama Llama Red Pyjama" is a childrens book that Power 106 gets celebrities to sing the book live. Camila performed it with an instrumental of Despacito.

Lyrics Edit

Llama llama
Llama llama red pajama
Is alone without his mama
Baby llama wants a drink
But mama's at the kitchen sink, oh no

Llama llama red pajama
Calls down to him llama llama mama
Baby llama hums a tune
Mama says that she'll be up soon

Llama llama red pajama waiting
Waiting his for mama
Yes he's waiting
Mama isn't coming yet no no no no
(That's when) That's when baby llama yeah he starts to fret
Baby you say nothing yeah
Llama llama llama llama red pajama

Llama llama
Red pajama whimpers softly for his mama
Baby llama starts to moan out "Mama Mama"
Mama mama llama mama red pajama
Mama llama
Llama llama llama llama red pajama
Llama llama llama llama red pajama
Llama Llama
Yeah llama

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