The 7/27 Tour is the third concert tour by Fifth Harmony, in support of their second studio album 7/27. The tour is set to begin in Lima, Peru on June 22, 2016, and will conclude its South American leg on July 5, 2016, in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Supporting acts from the tour were Victoria Monet, JoJo, Jake Miller, Aleem, Camryn and The Filharmonic.

Setlist Edit

  • this setlist is from the 7/27 tour show in Manchester
    1. "That's My Girl"
    2. "Miss Movin' On"
    3. "Sledgehammer"
    4. "Reflection"
    5. "This Is How We Roll"
    6. "Scared of Happy"
    7. "Write On Me"
    8. "I Lied"
    9. "No Way"
    10. "We Know"
    11. "Dope"
    12. "Squeeze"
    13. "Big Bad Wolf"
    14. "Boss"
    15. "Work from Home"
    16. "All in My Head (Flex)"
    17. "Brave, Honest, Beautiful"
    18. "Gonna Get Better"
    19. "Voicemail"
    20. "Worth It"


    1. "Not That Kinda Girl"