Camila Cabello 106 1 KISS FM Jingle Ball 2015 eGPqhaEVO4l
  • Camila sings the lyrics "Come harder just because, I don't like it, like it too soft, I like it a little rough, not too much, but maybe just enough" in Worth It but doesn't sing those lines live.
  • She released her first song out of Fifth Harmony with Shawn Mendes, "I Know What You Did Last Summer".
  • She was receiving a lot of hate for IKWYDLS and had to clarify on twitter that she was still committed to the group.
  • On December 5, Fifth Harmony posted a photo of them recording without Camila despite her being there.
  • She began becoming close with Taylor Swift in 2015.
  • Camila was doing virtual school in 2015.
  • Her favorite songs from One Direction's Up All Night album is More Than This and Same Mistakes.
  • Her favorite songs from One Direction's Take Me Home album is Over Again and They Don't Know About Us.
  • Camila said she owns all of Demi Lovato's albums.
  • Her favorite songs on the "Reflection" album are: "Reflection" and "Going Nowhere.
  • She would have liked to be a dentist if she never made it as a singer.

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